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Margaret Hansen - Keynote Speaker
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The effects of complementary therapies delivered via mobile technologies on surgical patients' reports of anxiety, pain and self-efficacy in healing: A randomized controlled trial
The use of mobile technologies for health promotion is prevalent today and perceived to be an effective way to deliver patient and healthcare professional education, medical information and interventions. Moreover, Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAT) are increasingly being utilized in conjunction with Western medicine. Pain and anxiety are universal concepts and the literature indicates CAT may decrease pre- and post-operative anxiety, pain, and narcotic usage and increase patient satisfaction. The author’s aim for conducting this randomized controlled trial (RCT) was to determine if the use of mobile technologies delivering CAT, specifically relaxation technique (RT), medical music intervention (MMI), nature landscape applications with (NLAM) and without music (NLAWM) compared with no intervention (control group) will assist in decreasing surgical patients’ anxiety and pain levels while increasing self-efficacy levels in post-operative healing.



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Margaret M. Hansen is a committed and experienced academic leader serving as Professor of Nursing at the University of San Francisco. She provides leadership in research, education, and service as a valued contributor to the School of Nursing and Health Professions. She serves as a team member of numerous committees, including developing and delivering presentations in connection with applying technology in healthcare and education both domestically and internationally. Margaret demonstrates a passion for teaching, collaborating, developing communities of practice, and establishing evidence-based outcomes for learning and healthcare technologies. Her additional strengths include: Academic Growth & Learning; Staff Engagement; Student Advising & Development; Instructional Design; Health Education; Technology in Healthcare; Academic Advising; Professional Presentations and Editorial Publishing.




Professor Margaret Hansen,
San Francisco School of Nursing (USA)

Research and Other Interests: 

Dr. Hansen’s research interests include the use of mobile technologies in promoting health and well-being for adult patients and the use of technology in enhancing higher education students’ learning and retention of information. She is specifically interested in the use of Social Media and its impact on patient education and student learning. Margaret leads an active lifestyle which includes swimming on a master’s team, hiking, backpacking, open water rowing and swimming and yoga. She is interested in complementary and alternative therapies and how they may influence health care professionals self care. 


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