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eHN Editorial
Share | is published by Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ). Every second week, on a Thursday morning, the latest news and article summaries are emailed to HiNZ eNewsletter subscribers. Signing up for is free. There is no paywall, which means that anyone can read the content.

How do I get my news item published in

That depends on what information you wish to provide:


1. A press release you have written, that might be suitable for an article: Please email this to editor Rebecca McBeth at


2. A suggestion for a topic you want to write about, or a person you want us to interview: Please email this to editor Rebecca McBeth at 


3. Brief items such as company announcements, new appointments, project updates and events: This is ideal for sector updates. (HiNZ reserves the right to edit any submitted items for readability. Please email your information to Kim Mundell at


4. An industry case study or white paper: This would be relevant for our case study package. This is an advertising option with a high profile spot on the home page and in the newsletter. You can read more about the "Case studies and white paper package" in the advertising page. Or email Sue Clay at


Other questions or suggestions? 

Please email editor, Rebecca McBeth at


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