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Oral Presentation Guidelines
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Presentation guidelines for HiNZ Conference

  • Format: Your presentation can be in Microsoft Windows PowerPoint, PDF or Prezi. (If you want to use a different format this is likely to be possible however we will need to seek permission from the AV supplier first - so please email us)
  • Images, movie files, sounds: If your presentation contains images, movie files or sound, please ensure that you embed these files into your presentation. And also bring the files with you as a precaution. This will be tested in the speaker preparation room by the AV team before your presentation.
  • Apple MAC users: All presentation computer equipment at the conference will be Windows based PC's. Macs will not be provided. If your presentation was created on a Mac, please ensure that you have saved it as a Powerpoint file compatible for use on a PC prior to your arrival at the conference. (NOTE: If you wish to use your own MAC, this is not permitted without prior arrangement. The use of a MAC typically causes problems with the webcast filming, so it must be discussed with us prior to the conference and we cannot guarantee in advance we will give permission for a MAC to be used as the feasibility will depend on the room/timing of your presentation.)
  • Adobe Prezi users: If you are using Prezi you will need to have the Prezi Pro account so you can export the entire file to a USB. We cannot guarantee a stable connection to the internet and will not therefore allow you to use the free internet access version of Prezi.
  • Personal laptops: A data show and laptop will be available in the room you are presenting in. You will not be permitted to use your personal laptop for your presentation in the session room without prior permission (which is only granted in exceptional circumstances).
  • Upload prior: We will email each speaker instructions on how to upload their presentation. This is required a week prior to the conference. Please also bring a copy of your presentation on a USB memory stick just in case. If you have any last minute changes you will be able to get the newer version uploaded on the day of your presentation - visit the AV team in the speaker prep room when you arrive.
Formatting tips for slides
  • Slide ratio to be 16:9
  • Aim for no more than 5 x 1 line bullet points per slide
  • Optimum title text is 45-55 points and no smaller than 36 points.
  • Body text should be at least 26 point - large enough to read from the back of a large and sometimes long conference room.
  • Avoid UPPERCASE letters as they are harder to read.
  • Graphs and diagrams are easier to read, and faster to interpret, than tables or figures.
  • Photos or other graphics are good. 
  • Limit your use of transition effects and animation of each slide. Use of animation to highlight a specific point is great, but you don't want to make people dizzy by overdoing the animation effect.

(If you want to use a file format not specified above then we will need to seek permission from the AV supplier - please email us)


Supplying your slides

We need to receive your PowerPoint or Prezi files by Friday 8 November. Prior to the conference we will send each speaker instructions on how and where to upload your slides.


On arrival at venue

1. Visit the AV team in the speaker preparation room: The speaker preparation room will be located in the entrance foyer (follow the signs from the registration desk). You may upload any last minute changes to your presentation slides on arrival at the conference venue, immediately after you pick up your delegate pack at the registration desk. Your presentation will be integrated by the AV team within a session AV folder, to enable a smooth transition between session presenters. If you have any movie or sound files in your presentation these will be tested by the AV team.


2. Check the time and location of your presentation: Please make yourself familiar with the location of your presenting room and ensure you are there at least five minutes before your presentation start time. Facilitators will act as strict timekeepers so please start and end on time under their instruction.


Questions? Please email us


HiNZ, PO Box 300125, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

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