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Accepted Speakers
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These presenters have been accepted for a speaking slot within the HiNZ Conference programme on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November 2019. Speakers are listed in alphabetical order by first name. The preliminary programme with presentation time and date allocations will be released in mid August 2019. (Speakers and time/date allocations are subject to change.)



Speaker Presentation Title
Aaron Zhang Evaluating Biomedical Word Embeddings against pre-trained word embeddings
Aidan Gill Machine Learning applied to Non-Clinical Tasking and Patient Transport
Alan Davis Building patient centred digital referral networks – Anyone to Anyone
Alan Parker Why we need digital shared care plans – a son’s story
Alejandro Jimenez Is SNOMED CT ready for Genomics?
Aleksandar Zivaljevic Automated annotation of clinical free text using SNOMED annotated graphs
Alesha Smith Using ‘big data’ in primary care – What do health professionals want?
Alexandra Smart Designing for connected systems: benefiting patient journeys in high tech imaging from pilot to scaled service
Alexandra Smart Machine Learning; scaling capability for quality use of tests and investigations
Alexis Stewart Digital health enabling value-based care
Andre Kushniruk Low-cost rapid usability engineering in healthcare: Making "in-situ" usability testing practical
Andrew Jones Innovation through data and human-centred design
Andy Leung Development challenges in making a right research application
Angela Lim Digital primary mental health system
Anish Menon Rethinking Model of Outpatient Diabetes Care Utilising E-HeaLth (REMODEL): Outcomes from a Specialist Metropolitan Diabetes Service
Ankur Teredesai How to help the population of a country fight diabetes with data science
Anna Elders Better mental health, one click at a time. An introduction to Just a Thought - New Zealand’s new, free, online cognitive behavioural therapy tool.
Anthony Benson An introduction to a New Zealand Health Logical Data Model
Astrid Koornneeff Applying a Customer-Centric Paradigm to Public Health
Barry Phease Automation & streamlining for the ACC claims submission process
Beth Southey Implementing electronic prescribing and administration, it’s easy - yeah right?
Blaik Wilson New Zealand Artificial Limb Services Evolving Amputee-Centred Health Service Journey
Brenda Hyde Digital maturity - learnings and opportunities from 2019 NZ assessments
Bryce Newman Nurse Maude's Digital Transformation
Carey Cambell Wise workflows or wasteful workarounds: Which one wins in the workplace?
Chantalle Corbett App building for Allied Health Data Capture
Charlene Tan-Smith Automatic Recipe Balancer for Ketogenic Dietary Therapy Where Nutritional Ketosis is Induced in a Clinical Setting
Chengwu Fan Using Qlik to Improve Dental Service Delivery
Chris Lodge Providing health informatics educational opportunities within a DHB pharmacy department.
Chris Lynch How effective are fitness trackers in changing physical activity?
Chris Watney Creating healthier workplaces – BeingWell
Clare Goodwin Leveraging e-learning platforms and social media to improve HbA1c and clinical symptoms in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Clinical Case study
Corinne Gower The importance of a good definition – do we need a New Zealand wiki of health sector metadata?
Dannie Jefferies The use of gamification to support positive health behaviour change: a Kaupapa Māori approach to designing mHealth interventions
Dave Howden BI In Health
David Hay FHIRing the NHI and HPI
David Pare Patient-as-a-customer: Using IoT to deliver new models of care
David Vink Architecture for everyone
Denise O'Rvine Can Social Media play a role in Telehealth support?
Derek Buchanan Integrated Data Infrastructure: Use of health-related datasets
Derek Buchanan IoMT device prototyping in the Cloud: A case for Node-RED and visual programming for clinicians
Derek Buchanan SNOMED-CT and Pathway to Training: A call to Clinicians and the Health Informatics Community
Derek Buchanan The MELT Framework for Evaluating mHealth Apps in New Zealand
Diana Phone Safety in Practice: Digital Transformation of data to drive safety in Primary Care
Dianne Davis NPF: Just like MMP, you need friends to make it work
Dianne Davis Patient portals: Increasing use by increasing value
Eamon Merrick Capturing assessment and diagnostic process in clinical records. Paper vs. Electronic
Edmond Zhang Turning data into meaningful information through a smart data platform
Elisabeth Herbert E-Health System optimisation with evidence based clinical decision support
Elizabeth Berryman Evaluation of an App as a tool for evaluating mental health and wellbeing in Resident Medical Officers and new graduate Nurses
Emily Mailes The journey of building an AI platform that detects biomarkers of multiple diseases in medical images using advanced analytics and deep neural networks
Emily Mailes There is an emerging global movement away from EMRs toward data democratization. Will New Zealand lead the charge with the national Health Information Platform?
Enno Huang Clinical abbreviations detection and normalisation
Eva Sundin From gatekeepers to shopkeepers
Federico Herrera Digital automation and mobility as a capability not a project
Feiyu Hu Health belief model based spatial and temporal analysis for medication adherence in cardiovascular disease
Fiona Lee Multiphase automated workflow development in a multidisciplinary oncology centre
Francois Rawlinson Integrated Electronic Task Management in 11 Weeks at Whanganui DHB
Gavin Meredith Mrs. Smith, the doctor will text you now: Secure messaging - the Canadian Experience
Gayl Humphrey Are we there yet? Developing a Chatbot for healthcare
Gayl Humphrey Manaaki: Designing and developing an mHealth CBT intervention to help reduce gambling harms
Gayl Humphrey See How They Grow
Gayl Humphrey SPGeTTI: an innovative mHealth gambling harm reduction intervention
Geethma Weliwatta A wicked problem: Solving interoperability strategically in digital health strategies
Gordon Munro Thinking about the little things in primary care
Graham Russell Transparency & Privacy in Residential Aged Care
Greg Keyte Video Links for Trauma Outpatient Clinics
Greig Russell Digital maturity - learnings and opportunities from 2019 NZ assessments
Hamish Franklin Timely SMS reminders significantly increase adherence to repeat dispensing. Messaging extends the relationship between patient and pharmacist.
Hamish Huggard Benchmarking Text Features for Clinical Named-entity Recognition
Hiria Te Rangi Well homes, well families. Using smart home sensors to understand the impact housing has on health.
Ian d'Young Establishing Telehealth and Understanding the Requirements for Organisational Deployment
Ian Martin Online, In-Time Medication Information – Implementing NZePS in the Midland region
Inga Hunter Smart Technology and Aging in Place: What do Healthcare Providers think
Isabella Smart What do you do when the paper is gone? Counties Manukau Health’s front runner journey introducing the new national Maternity Clinical Information System
Jack Devereux Digital maturity - learnings and opportunities from 2019 NZ assessments
Jack Pivac Practice Management Software – Potential for transformative change?
Jaiprakash Gupta Classification of Clinical Safety Incident Risk Categories: Opening the Black Box
James McKelvie Efficiency gains using CatTrax cloud-based pathway management system for cataract surgery at Waikato DHB
Jane George ACHSM Fellowship Programme
Jeffrey Sunshine Real-Time EMR link to check State-wide Opioid use at prescription
Jenny Pooley Releasing time to care, how do we measure the success of IT and lessons learnt?
Jess Wood Well Plan - Integrating wellbeing tools into primary health care and exploring interoperability (a collaboration between Government and Primary health)
Jessica Shaw Who uses digital mental health resources?
Jim Brown Mercy Hospice enables anywhere palliative care (and saves 2 tonnes of paper)
Jitendra Barmecha A Bronx Tale: Using technology to incorporate social determinants of health in mental health treatment
Jo de Lisle Hep C – leading the way regionally, five into one
Joanna Chu Increasing parental competence and mental health literacy – a text-messaging programme for parents of adolescents
John Hewitt Acute hospital nurses' precpetion of using tablets at the point of care.
John Williams Learning from NZ cyberattacks - protect by getting the simple things right
Jonathan Hoogerbrug E-consultation, a token of true partnership
Jonathan King Revolutionising the way we address mental health
Jonathan Wallace Data discovery in radiology... an unexpected journey
Joseph Cadelina Safe Spaces PH: An innovative mobile app-based condom distribution model
Judy Eves Getting the real payback from Patient Portals
Kannan Subramaniam Public-private partnerships delivering smart health to combat the tsunami of non-communicable diseases
Karen Blake A clinical informatics capability framework to support our workforce
Karen Blake Update on the digital identity framework
Karen Day A comparison of the New Zealand and Australian health informatics and health information technology workforces
Karen Day Peekaboo! Finding health information workers in the NZ health workforce
Karl Cole Why cant I see my own health records
Karolyn Kerr Health Information Governance in your Health Care Organisation
Kate Ebrill Improving data quality and standardization in Primary Care- Clinical and Industry Co-Design
Kathryn Dean A novel use of Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs)
Kay Mann Going fully digital: Opportunities and challenges for research.
Kaye Hocking Challenging the status quo – framework to develop a digital mindset
Kevin Ross Precision Driven Health Partnership Progress Report
Kevin Ross Towards Our Intelligent Future – New Zealand’s AI Roadmap
Kieran Holland Harnessing SNOMED to integrate HealthPathways into clinical workflows
Kris Vette The Case for DLT in Healthcare - Getting it right.
Kristin Gozdzikowska Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Kylie Reiri Operational algorithms in health care – the maths is the easy bit
Kylynn Loi SNOMED CT for regional and national chronic diagnosis analysis and reporting
Lance O'Sullivan Increasing Access to Healthcare through Digital Health - iMoko to MaiHealth
Lara Hopley Regional Clinical Portal – Forming, Storming, Norming and now Performing – and how Agile helped
Leslie Tergas How do we motivate rural community health nurses through mobile technology?
Lin Ni A Proof-of-concept Chatbot: the potential of a customized Question and Answer (QA) model for health domain chatbots
Lisa Maxwell A tech journey, bringing community nursing into the 21st century
Lloyd McCann Consumer first - digitally empowering patients
Lynne O'Donoghue Tensions and Benefits realisation in a shared national system
Malcolm Pradhan Using Real-Time Natural Language Processing for Patient Complexity Detection and Task Automation
Mana Huggan Make technology great for clients - concierge devices for community care
Marinda van Staden Monitoring and managing profile overrides in MedDispense
Marinda van Staden Moving from a paper-based medication imprest system to an electronic system
Mark Elliman Action plans into action - reviewing the implementation of an electronic medical record integrated action plan generation tool at a tertiary paediatric hospital
Martin Frauenstein New Zealand Health Sector Architecture
Martin Trepanier Virtual Care: Enabling remote care of patients in the community
Matthew Bailey Growth charts across two regional portals: baby steps towards big data
Meghann Russell Seeing the forest for the trees: Mapping the NZ health system
Michael Frampton Making Our Place a Great Place
Michael Quirke Virtual workforce: Robots and chatbots
Michele McCreadie Building a Regional Digital Health Service – from project to service
Michele McCreadie The power of Big Data in the health of older people
Michelle Honey What nurse educators want to assist them develop a nursing workforce for the future: Nursing Informatics Competencies for New Zealand Nurses
Mike Boland eNutrition
Mikkel Harbo How new larger hospital entities in Denmark was challenged by the tyranny of distance but overcame the challenge by digitising hospital logistics
Mindy Silva Persuasive Design and Behaviour Change in parent-focused eHealth
Mirza Baig Vital Signs Monitoring and Clinical Decision Support Application for Auto-escalation of Deteriorating Patients using National Early Warning Score
Monique Green Data discovery in radiology... an unexpected journey
Nathan Kershaw Digital preoperative risk information delivered directly to people “just in time”
Nicola Green The impact of telehealth video-conferencing services: the perceptions of experts.
Ning Hua Interpretable Machine Learning: An application to 30-day Risk of Hospital Readmission Model
Ning Hua Machine-Aided HL7 Message Transformation Framework
Paula Murray ACHSM Fellowship Programme
Peter Marks Health Digital Identity - its importance, our work so far and how it could improve our design of digital services
Praba Subra Modernising a Legacy Medical Information System in a non-Medical Environment
Pratik Parikh Virtual Reality for Vaccinations
Rajesh Nair Datavaultforhealth, world’s first data platform as a service for healthcare
Randall Britten Smart MedRec: Using machine learning for reading dose instructions and incorporating this in clinical software
Ray Murakami Te Tohu Hāpai - SNOMED coding of Te Reo Hāpai
Rebecca George Digital notes; design, data and documentation
Reem Abbas Disaster Healthcare Education: A Suggested Curriculum Framework for Disaster E-Health
Richard Harrison Internet Connected Medical Device Security - Understanding and Managing the Risk
Richard Medlicott What’s new and coming in GP IT
Richard Raj Fuelling the Northern Region’s API-led Journey
Ritu Tiwari Managing Hospital Patient Flow with a Current Inpatients Dashboard
Rob Pearlman Scaling Quality Improvement: Low touch change management in a Tertiary Hospital Emergency Department
Rob Ticehurst Getting more value from the National Medical Warning System (NMWS)
Robyn Whittaker mPR: an adapative mobile phone pulmonary rehabilitation programme
Rodrigo Camargo Electronic Criteria Led Discharge: evaluation of usage and impact
Rosie Dobson Engagement with OL@-OR@, a co-designed mHealth programme for Māori and Pasifika communities
Rowena Woolgar Delivering ‘useful’ Shared Care Planning – Creating digital pathways that support system wide use
Rowena Woolgar Practical learnings - Upskilling 1000+ staff to be 'technology ready'
Ruth Rajakumar Comparison of usability of PC-based and smartphone symptom checker
Sally Dennis Data – the difference it's making within the clinical environment.
Sam Madanian Risks and Vulnerabilities of Internet of Things in Healthcare
Sam Madanian Role of e-Health Technologies in Disaster Management Cycle
Sam Selwyn Understanding barriers to widespread adoption of Telehealth services in New Zealand: A survey across the DHBs in New Zealand.
Sam Valentine Striving for consistency – setting information standards for DHB Oral Health services
Sam Vincent Evaluation of Arezzo CDS in German Hospital Settings: Epilepsy & Colorectal Cancer
Samuel Mackenzie Creating data consistency within healthcare
Samuel Mackenzie Reducing clinical and admin resource using a electronic timesheeting process
Samuel Wong One small step for primary care, one large step for consumers: reimaging accessing GP services
Sandi Millner Early findings from the introduction of a new Community Strength and Wellness Studio to improve strength and balance in older adults
Sankalp Khanna Developing the Predictive Risk Algorithm for the Australian Government Health Care Homes Trial
Sara Filoche Toward the development of a family health history tool for Aotearoa
Sarah Zub Do we call it Virtual Healthcare? or Healthcare?
Sarah Zub Interoperability in New Zealand - A fallacy or invitation to find a frenemy
Saswata Ray How are young people’s decisions about food influenced by their use of social media? Exploratory study using interviews for questionnaire design
Saxon Connor Dipping our toe into the world of “A.I”: problems and puzzles
Saxon Connor Promoting the right outcome using data: The story of cheolcystectomy at Christchurch Hospital
Scott Arrol The future of digital health in NZ - the opportunities and barriers
Shaun Smith How Mycare has developed a meaningful and positive support network with the aged care and disability sectors
Simon Long Keeping the Northern Region Safe from Cyber Criminals
Simon Wallace The clinic room of the future: the role of speech recognition in improving quality, speed and turnaround of clinical documentation
Speaker Name myRyman app
Stella Ward Canterbury Tales - A digital transformation story
Steve Vlok Secure Messaging and integration into EMRs
Steven Strange Next Generation Technology on Falls Prevention
Stuart Barson Progress on shared care plan interoperability
Sucheta Sehgal New Models of action potentials in excitable cells for parameterizing drug responses
Susan Binks Digital Time Lined Patient Care Plans - a valuable tool to reduce length of stay, readmission rates, procedure costs and improve patient satisfaction
Susanne Ames Data quality matters
Susil Meher Adoptation of Electronic health record in dept of Oncoanaesthesia and Palliative Medicine
Susil Meher Development of Anticoagulation Application and its Implementation
Ted Christiansen Update on the digital identity framework
Terry Huntley Meeting the challenges of Big Data
Thomas Xiao From Well Child Tamariki Ora programme to beyond: Comprehensive Health Data Modelling and Analysis for Children in New Zealand
Thusitha Mabotuwana Impact of Follow-up Imaging Recommendation Specificity on Adherence
Tia Ashby Whakamanatia: Empowering Māori to Access Primary Health Care using mHealth technology
Todd Nicholson Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Health Care – What is practically possible?
Tom Varghese ORCHA: Health App Accreditation, Dissemination & Activation Support - Learnings for the New Zealand market from the UK, Estonia and Holland
Valentyna Sylevych Science and Art to reduce ‘Did not attends’
Vinay Vaidya Improving Clinical Outcomes By Directly Integrating Actionable Dashboards Into An Enterprise EMR


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