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FAQ webcast library
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Frequently asked questions and answers (relevant to the webcast library)

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Q. What is a webcast?

A webcast shows you a video of the speaker and the presentation slides simultaneously, so you can see and hear what the conference audience does. It is easily viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can use the webcast library search engine to find relevant topics without having to watch an entire session. When you click on the search result, you’ll be taken directly to the point in the presentation where the keyword was shown.


Q. I want to view the webcast library but the link has taken me to a username page. How do I get access?

Only HiNZ Conference delegates and HiNZ members are allowed to access the webcast library. Or join HiNZ today to get access.


Q. How do I login to the webcast library?

There are two ways you can login to the webcast library:

  1. If you are a HiNZ member then you should log in here:
  2. Conference delegates (who aren't HiNZ members) should log in here: (The conference delegate login access is only valid during conference week).To view the webcast library after this you need to join HiNZ.


Q. How do I login?

If you are a conference delegate enter your email address.


If you are a HiNZ member, then enter your "HiNZ username / password" to access the webcast library. (If you can't remember your password, go to the HiNZ website login page, enter your email and ask the system to reset your password.)


Q. I have entered my HiNZ member username/password but I keep being redirected to the FAQ page. What am I doing wrong?

If you are being redirected to the login page it means that your username/password are incorrect and are being rejected by the webcast library. To reset your HiNZ member password, login to the HiNZ website, and ask to reset it. Then try again with the webcast library login. 


If the HiNZ website is rejecting your username, try a different email address or email us to request your HiNZ member username/password.


If you have any other difficulties logging in please email


Q. How long do I get access for?
  • HiNZ members get access to the webcast library up until the date their membership expires.
  • 2018 conference delegates get access to the webcast library during and for a week after the conference, until midnight on 30 November 2018. To view the webcast library after this date you need to be a HiNZ member. Join HiNZ now.


Q. I'm having technical problems when viewing the webcasts.

If you are having problems viewing the webcast, please email the technical help desk at or email


Q. When are the conference sessions available?

The sessions taking place in the plenary room are live-streamed during 21-23 November. All other sessions are available on-demand within 24 hours (except for workshops and any session where a speaker has denied consent to be filmed).



Q. I am a HiNZ member. Do I get access to the webcast library?

Yes. All HiNZ members automatically get full access to all sessions in the conference webcast library for the term of their membership. PLUS you also get other member benefits. If you aren't a HiNZ member - join HiNZ now.



Q. Can I download a copy of a speaker's slides?

No, the webcast does not allow this. The only way you can access a speaker's slides is if you ask a speaker to give you written permission to have access to their slides. You then need to forward the speaker's email to as proof you have this permission, before we could email you a download file of the slides. (Or you can ask the speaker to send you the slides directly). To email the speaker, if you don't know their email address, use the conference app message function.

HiNZ, PO Box 300125, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

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