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FAQ for exhibitors
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Frequently asked questions and answers (relevant to exhibitors)

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Q. Can I download a copy of the exhibition floorplan and list of companies?

Yes, click here


Q. Can I see a list of which staff members are connected to my booth within the app?

Yes, click here


Q. Do you have demographics on who attended the 2018 HiNZ Conference?

Yes, click here


Q. Can I get an excel list of delegates

Yes. Click here to download the delegate list. (It has no contact details to avoid breaking our privacy laws.)



Q. Can I get an excel list of delegates

Yes. Click here to download the delegate list.

(It has no contact details to avoid breaking our privacy laws.)


Q. Do exhibitors get access to a bulk list of all delegate email addresses?

No. New Zealand has strict privacy laws. We provide exhibitors and delegates with the Zerista conference app - as this gives delegates a way to contact other individual delegates without breaching the terms of our Privacy Act legislation and it protects each delegate's privacy.


Q. Can I email an individual delegate?

Yes, this is possible via the conference app. There is a function within the conference app which enables any delegate to email another delegate without the email address being visible. In October, we launch the conference app to delegates and after that - in the conference app - you will be able to see a full list of conference attendees (name, job title, organisation) and send messages to individual delegates via the app.


Q. Can I send a bulk message to all delegates using the conference app?

No. To prevent spam, the app does not allow you to send an email to the entire delegate list. (Only HiNZ is able to broadcast a message to the entire list). You can send a message individually to selected delegates, but not to everyone at once.


To broadcast a message, you would need to seek my permission to be added to an official HiNZ announcement, or to a HiNZ eNewsletter. For this to be possible, your message needs to be something that has specific news value that won't be perceived as a generic product promotion, for example, it might be an invitation to a specific event/time/place. If you wish to discuss this possibility, please email the HiNZ CEO  some information about the subject you are hoping to communicate.


Q. Can I collect delegate email addresses?

This is possible by using the leads app during the conference (it is only available to exhibitors and sponsors). It has an opt-in process for delegates. There are instructions and links on how to use the leads app in your conference app invitation. If you need assistance with using the app during the conference, please visit the App Help Desk beside registration.


Q. How do I access the leads app?

Download it here:

or here:


Read the leads app user guide


Q. How do I use the leads app to collect delegate contacts?

There are three ways to get a delegate into your leads app:

1. by you asking the delegate for permission to scan the QR code on their name badge, or

2. by asking the delegate to scan your booth QR code poster (HiNZ provides QR code posters to each booth and sponsor)

3. by you manually inputting the data after meeting the delegate


(Note: The leads app does not work if the delegate scans an exhibitor's personal name badge. They need to scan your company QR code, not your personal QR code.) We supply each exhibition booth with a laminated poster of your company QR code for this purpose. You can download extra copies of your company QR code from your company profile page at

Delegates are motivated by the 'QR code game', as scanning enables them to collect points - and the 30 delegates with the most points at the end of the conference win prizes. (It is an opt-in process. If the delegate doesn't want others to be able to view their delegate profile page then they are advised not to scan QR codes or allow themselves to be scanned.)

The leads app gives you access to a delegate's contact details. At a minimum, you will be able to see their email address. If a delegate has entered more contact information their personal app profile page, then you will be able to view those details as well. The leads app enables exhibitors to download a report at any time during and after the conference, with the details of each delegate they have scanned and/or been scanned by. You are able to export your opted-in contacts from the leads app, during and after the conference, including any notes you make about the contact.


Download the leads app user guide to learn more about the functionality of the leads app.


During the conference, if you have questions about how to use either the conference app or the leads app, go to the "conference app help desk' beside the registration desk.


Watch this video to learn how to download leads after the conference.



Q. Can I put something in the delegate bags?

Yes, it is free for delegates to put brochures and other printed materials into the delegate bag. (There is a fee for non-exhibitors.) To book a delegate bag insert please fill in the online form.


Q. Can I put more than one item in the bag?

Yes, you can put in as many items as you wish.


Q. How many units should I supply?

We recommend you provide 900 units. You can supply less if you wish.


Q. What can I put in the bags?

Anything that is A4 size or smaller. It can be printed material or branded merchandise.


Q. When and where do I need to deliver my inserts?

Courier your inserts to the conference venue. It is vital that they arrive in Wellington by Monday 19 November 2018 at the latest (as we assemble the delegate bags on Tuesday, before the conference starts). The venue delivery details and instructions are on the delegate delivery form on this page. Alternatively, you could deliver your inserts to the HiNZ CEO in Auckland by Monday 12 November. Email Kim if you need an Auckland address.


Q. Can I get my inserts printed in New Zealand?

Yes, we can coordinate this for you. If your company is based outside of New Zealand and sending materials internationally is a hassle, HiNZ is able to coordinate things with a local printing company for you instead. Email Kim and we will get you a quote. If you want us to coordinate the printing for you, then we need to receive your final design file by Monday 5 November . (Another benefit of us arranging the printing, is that you won't have to pay any courier fees, as we would transport your printed flyers to the venue with all the rest of our conference materials.)


Q. Do all of my staff need to register for the conference?

Yes, all company representatives at your booth must be registered. Make sure you choose the free EXHIBITION pass option in step one to avoid being charged. If you claim more than your allocated number of free passes, we simply invoice your company after the conference at a special discounted rate of $395+gst per person, which is lower than the usual one day rate. Every staff member must have a delegate pass. They aren't allowed to share passes.


Conference sessions start at 2.45pm on Wednesday with international keynotes, until 5.45pm. The Wednesday afternoon session will be live-streamed into the exhibition hall for exhibitors (the exhibitor delegate pass does not include access to this session due to space constraints and its clash with exhibitor pack in.) The exhibitor delegate pass includes unrestricted access to the sessions on Thursday and Friday.


Q. What is the expected attendance?

Based on the past two years attendance, and the number of registrations received to date, we are expecting 900-1000 delegates.


Q. Can I bring candy/treats to give away at my booth?

If you wish to giveaway any food or beverage items then we must seek venue permission first. It's not difficult to get their permission, simply email Kim.


Q. When is pack-in?

Wednesday 21 November, midday to 5.30pm. Access to the exhibition hall is not possible prior to midday due to health & safety rules. (Although you can get permission for a custom booth builder. To request this email Kim.) The exhibition hall opens to delegates with the networking function at 5.30pm on 21 November. The international keynotes session runs from 2.45pm to 5.45pm and this will be live-streamed into the exhibition hall.


Q. When is pack-out?

Friday 23 November, 1.30pm. Pack out begins immediately after afternoon tea finishes. Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle or remove their exhibition booth prior to this time (unless they have prior permission from the HiNZ operations manager). The afternoon tea at 3pm to 3.30pm will be held in the Shed 6 atrium and will be an opportunity for you to network with delegates in a relaxed environment, immediately after the last conference session finishes, and to say your farewells.


Q. What are the exhibition hours?

Wednesday 21 November, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Thursday 22 November, 7.30am to 4.30pm

Friday 23 November, 8am to 1.30pm


Q. What are the critical deadlines I need to be aware of?

These are all stated in the exhibition manual on page 2.


Q. What comes with my booth?

All booths come with 2 x 150 watt spotlights and 1 x 10 amp power point with 4 way multi box and a black & white company sign. All booths are built with 2480mm high white Octonorm panels (do not construct your display higher than 2480mm). If you require furniture, AV, additional signage or additional lighting/power this can be organised at your cost through Peek Exhibition by contacting Bethany.


Q. Does the venue have reliable internet?

There is free WIFI for delegates. However the venue requires all exhibitors to have a hardwire internet connect to their stand, if you are streaming or demonstrating software/website. Wired internet must be booked with the venue in advance. To order fill in the Wired Internet Order Form in the exhibition manual.


Q. Can I see where my booth is located on the exhibit floor?

To request a copy of the latest floorplan please email Kim.


Q. Can my company hold a seminar/workshop in conjunction with the conferences?

Yes, dependent on space availability this can be organised. If you wish to book a room for a company event please email Kim.


Q. How do I deliver goods to the venue?

Goods must be clearly labelled with a Materials Delivery Form (see exhibition manual). This will enable the venue to deliver your goods to your booth location. Failure to clearly label your goods and follow the delivery instructions may result in delays in the receipt of your goods during pack in (or your goods being returned to sender by the venue!) If you have any questions, email us!


HiNZ, PO Box 300125, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

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