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Board Candidates 2018
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 Candidates listed in alphabetical order by last name



John Ashley

CEO - Inviga
HiNZ experience: Member since 2017

John is the CEO of Inviga, a company focused on improving the health and well-being of New Zealanders through innovative community-based health care solutions. He has a BSc and Post-Graduate Diploma in Business, both from the University of Auckland.


John is a keen advocate for using technology – where appropriate – to bring about change in the way we support people to live well in their homes.


Having formerly held roles in the global education team and as Client and Partnerships Director for Orion Health, John is passionate about continuous learning and connecting with others within the industry. He is very interested in the use of data – its collection, transmission, aggregation and visualisation – and the potential to use this information to drive innovation as well as day-to-day operations.


John is keen to connect participants across the health and technology sectors to find or build solutions for our current and future challenges. In this area, he is a supporter of the need for better interoperability within the health sector and between industry partners, and believes that this should be based on open standards.

John Ashley

Elizabeth Berryman

Trainee Intern – Waitemata DHB/University of Otago
HiNZ experience: Member since 2015

I have been involved with HiNZ since 2015 when I attended the HiNZ conference in Christchurch. It was an incredibly inspiring and enriching time that really ignited my passion for health technology. In my role as New Zealand Medical Students’ President, we established a partnership with HiNZ and have greatly benefited from this.


I have a keen interest in health systems and, in particular, how technology can enable better efficiency and outcomes for patients. I have been the principal investigator in a University of Otago research project using smartphone Apps to measure well-being and mental health.


I have a keen interest in governance and sit on different boards in both the NGO sector and commercial sector. I also have experience in marketing, strategy and business development, co-founding a construction business with my husband. We also work closely with Habitat for Humanity in disaster response and Pacific Island housing development.


I am currently on the New Zealand Medical Association board, Chair of the New Zealand Medical Benevolent Fund, and on the board of Howick Baptist Healthcare and Stevenson Village Trust. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.


I worked for 5 years as a Registered Nurse in community Maori Health, completing my Masters and Nurse Practitioner studies before starting Medical School. In December this year, I will have finished my undergraduate medical training and I have accepted an offer for employment as a house officer at Waitemata DHB.


HiNZ is perfectly poised to show leadership in the rapidly growing area that is health technology and enables a platform where we can share ideas, learn from each other, and work together on issues. As a board member, setting a strategy for the organization to continue to achieve this would be a great privilege.

Elizabeth Berryman

Deb Boyd

CEO - Auckland Eye Ltd
HiNZ experience: HiNZ board member since 2014, Member since 2015

I am the CEO of Auckland Eye Ltd, a certified health informatician for Australasia, a registered nurse and e Health consultant.


I am passionate about health informatics and e Health having recently been the General Manager at Australia's first fully integrated digital hospital: St Stephens Hospital, which opened in Hervey Bay, Queensland in October 2014 and achieved HIMSS Level 6 in November 2014. This was a thrilling project to be part of with a fully functioning EMR and closed loop medication management system. I have worked in both public and private sectors so have a good understanding of the challenges within each sector.


My career experience includes clinical informatics, e-Health, digital integration, leadership, clinical care, operational management, systems improvement, culture development and change management. My governance experience includes time serving on the inaugural board of Partnership Health PHO, The Rock Church Board and more recently on the HiNZ Board as an appointed member. I am also a member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.


I am completely inspired by what is possible with health informatics and am keen to see the work of HiNZ succeed and would consider it a privilege to continue my work on the board of HiNZ.

Deb Boyd

Dr Hemakumar Devan

Postdoctoral Fellow - School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago
HiNZ experience: Member since 2017

Health delivery via technology to improve health outcomes is one of the major strategic goals of National Health Strategy (2016). I am an academic with a clinical background in Physiotherapy determined to contribute to this goal and by serving HiNZ in a governance role would like to support the HiNZ community to rise to the challenge too.


I am an early career researcher in Physiotherapy. I have three years of clinical and teaching experience as a physiotherapist in musculoskeletal and rehabilitation setting in a tertiary care teaching and research hospital in India. I completed my PhD at the School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago in August 2016. I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Otago School of Physiotherapy, Wellington where I am working on co-designing and evaluating behavioural intervention technologies for supporting self-management in people with persistent pain. I am a member of the Centre for Health Systems and Technology (CHeST) at the University of Otago, an inter-disciplinary research centre fostering integrated clinical care using health technology.


I have governance experience in professional organisations including being a council member of the New Zealand Pain Society representing Social Media team.


Thank you for voting for me as a HiNZ board member so I can bring my energy and knowledge to contributing to the mission and goals of HiNZ.

Dr Hemakumar Devan

Dr Lucy Fergus

Geriatrician - Hawkes Bay DHB
HiNZ experience: Member since 2016

I am a Geriatrician at Hawkes Bay District Health Board, working in both the hospital and in the community. As a Hawkes Bay local I lead improvement and innovation in my approach to Geriatric Medicine. I am passionate about the role of Health Informatics in improving the ability of clinicians to collaborate, delivering better results, and enhancing the patient experience.


I graduated from the Auckland School of Medicine and undertook my specialist training in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, gaining experience in a diverse range of healthcare settings. I bring governance experience as a past board member of the NZ Charitable Society for Geriatric Medicine.


I am the Clinical Lead of engAGE, an innovative multidisciplinary service supporting frail older people to remain independent at home. With teams spanning primary care, community care providers and hospital, I see the opportunities provided by information linking seamlessly across sectors. I believe enhanced usage of this information will support older people to remain well, independent and connected at home. I also see huge potential for technology to improve health care access in rural and remote communities.


I am keen to be actively involved in HiNZ’s work transforming health care and if elected will bring passion, drive and a regional perspective to the board.

Dr Lucy Fergus

Kyle Forde

Chief Information Officer – WellSouth Primary health Network / Chief Executive – Health Systems Solutions
HiNZ experience: Member since 2015

I believe in consumer driven innovation and have a dream to ensure every New Zealander has better access to health through the use of technology and evidence based research leveraging accurate data.


My governance experience extends into the social sector where I am a board member serving Anglican Family Care where I provide governance advice relating to technology and cross sector interoperability.


I studied at Otago Polytechnic and am currently studying for my Master in Professional Practice. I currently lead a team of data analysts who are dedicated to revolutionising access to real-time data for clinicians, carers and more importantly the consumer across primary, secondary and community groups. I bring over 20 years of commercial and IT experience to the health and social sector and this experience provides the sector with a unique view when formulating strategies across all sector engagements.


I am also a member of the NZ Telehealth Forum, Telemonitoring Working Group of New Zealand and the NZ Health IT Forum. My experience across the social and health sector provides a balanced view when providing cross sector advice.


I am passionate about the future of our health system and believe in challenging the status quo in facilitating change that will bring real health outcomes for all New Zealanders especially our most vulnerable.

Kyle Forde

Dr Rebecca Grainger

Consultant Rheumatologist, Hutt Valley DHB & Senior Lecturer (Medicine & Pathology) - University of Otago
HiNZ experience: HiNZ Board Chair since 2016, HiNZ board member since 2015, HiNZ Clinical Technology Advisory Group (CTAG) member since 2015, HiNZ member since 2015

During my two years on the HiNZ board the organisation has thrived. To support the CEO and enable HiNZ' continued growth, we cemented a strong governance structure, increased organisational resilience and developed strategies to meet more of the needs of HiNZ members.


I would like the opportunity to continue to contribute to HiNZ, bringing the perspectives of the clinician, academic and my governance experience.


In the past two years we have achieved an increasing and diversifying membership, more opportunities to connect members with each other and stakeholders, an exciting and well attended one-day seminar series and the annual HiNZ conference becoming a leading New Zealand conference. And we have plans to do even more for our members!


I am employed as a consultant rheumatologist at Hutt Valley DHB and senior lecturer in medicine and pathology at University of Otago Wellington. I can contribute real world experience of health care IT from the user perspective, experience in tertiary and adult education and established research skills across broad methodologies and disciplines.


My governance experience in the NGO sector includes having served on the Governing Body of Arthritis New Zealand since 2014. I am also on the Adult Medicine Division Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and on the national executive of the New Zealand Rheumatology Association. I am a member of the Institute of Directors.


I have a clear understanding of the need for HINZ to continue on the refreshed path to a fostering a wider and deeper development of knowledge and use of health informatics in health care, education and research and have the skills, vision and energy to assist HINZ in achieving these goals. I have a can do attitude and deliver on my commitments. It would be my privilege to continue to serve on the HINZ board.

Dr Rebecca Grainger

Eli Hirschauge

Health Technology Director – PwC Consulting
HiNZ experience: Member since 2015

As the Health Technology Director in PwC Consulting, I spend the majority of my time working with the New Zealand health sector to adopt digital technologies that can transform the way we deliver care.


I have over 25 years’ experience in information technology gained locally and internationally, and have spent the last five years working with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, DHBs, PHOs and other health and disabilities organisations, as well as collaborating with leading experts across Asia Pacific and the US.


I hold an MBA from the University of Auckland, and am an elected Board member of its alumni club with responsibilities for corporate engagement.


I have worked with many of the sector’s largest IT enabled transformations and assisted others in design of their ICT roadmaps, helping explore opportunities to innovate and leverage existing data assets to improve health outcomes for our population.


I love working with the sector, and am inspired by the people that make up our health system, their passion, commitment, dedication and skills. As an active member of HiNZ (since 2015), I continue to look for ways that we can make the sector better through the use of informatics and digital technology to bring us closer together and revolutionise the way patients are engaged and cared for.


New Zealand is well positioned to make a step change in our application of technology, but to do so, we will need to take the best the world has to offer while applying our unique context and culture.


HiNZ has an important role to play in enabling this step change, educating and bringing our sector professionals and industry together to re-imagine our health care.


With your vote I will work to advance this role further.

Eli Hirschauge

Dr Nicholas Jones

Clinical Director Population Health - Hawkes Bay DHB
HiNZ experience: Member since 2015

I am a public health physician currently working as clinical director for Population Health at Hawke's Bay DHB. Applying health informatics to public and population health has been a ongoing passion during my 20 plus years in public health medicine practice.


While working for the Auckland Regional Public Health Service in the late 90s I teamed up with Healthlink and Orion to develop, pilot and evaluate a system that collated primary care encounter data from multiple general practices for public health surveillance of influenza and other clinical syndromes. After consulting for the World Health Organization on country level immunization monitoring systems, I moved to the US to undertake a two year fellowship in Public Health Informatics at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Upon completion of the fellowship I stayed on for two years to lead a team developing a national environmental health indicators tracking system.


Since returning to New Zealand I have continued to focus on both informatics and environmental health. I have represented the NZ College of Public Health Medicine on the NHIT Board’s National Clincal Information Leadership group and teach an introductory course in Health Informatics for Public Health Professionals at the University of Otago Summer School. A notifiable diseases eReferral proposal I submitted to the clinician’s challenge in 2011 is currently being implemented by NZ’s national surveillance provider Environmental Science Research.


Health Informatics is on the verge of another leap forward. For me this is not only about delivering “precision medicine” for our patients or clients but about delivering data driven decision making in health service planning, public policy and environmental planning. Increasingly patients themselves will generate data through their own observations and through the use of wearable and in home technology. These data will be integrated with provider based records (including genomic data) which in turn will create new opportunities to link data to outcomes. This co-generation of data will create the need for new data stewardship models to be developed. Increasingly artifical intelligence will support clinical decision making and a key challenge will be working out how we can foster innovation and grow our health IT sector while maintaining stewardship over the products and and tools created from the data our communities provide.


In my view it will be critical that the information and intelligence services of the future not only guide our clinical decision making but inform communities as we co-design health services along with the social and physical environments in which we live.


I am optimistic about the future for Health Informatics and the Health IT sector in New Zealand. We have a real opportunity to improve the health of our people and to reduce the inequities we still see.


If I am selected I would welcome the opportunity to contribute a population health perspective to the important work of the HINZ board.

Dr Nicholas Jones

Steven Parrish

CIO - Taranaki District Health Board
HiNZ experience: Member since 2016

I have over 25 years working within the healthcare industry including 17 years of IT and business/industry experience working within large and complex organizations in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, America and now New Zealand. With a clinical base in Nursing, a Masters in Health Administration and experience in the public and private sectors, I have developed strategic knowledge and skills that have led me to my current role as CIO at Taranaki District Health Board. This role combines the traditional CIO functions with management of Medical Records.


Sitting on the Executive Management Team, I am driving a focus on business change and improved value supported by technology, information management practice and data governance. While early in this journey at TDHB, there is evidence of value being received through better use of data, with transition to information and ultimately knowledge which is key to current and future sustainability of healthcare organisations.


I am the Chair of the Information Systems Leadership Team (ISLT) and lead CIO within the Midland Region and sit on the eSPACE Programme Board. Nationally I have been active in sharing my international experience as a member of the National EHR Sector Advisory Board.


I believe in a strong service management culture where we add value to the organisation and go above and beyond to meet their needs. I have developed ICT strategies and have managed the design, integration, testing and day-to-day operations of large teams.


Combining a clinical and technological background I believe that we have only just started to add value within healthcare enabled by technology. I believe New Zealand has a firm healthcare technology foundation to build upon and is in a great position to learn from other countries experiences to drive innovation, data use and ultimately benefit all clinicians as they care for patients that rely on them in their time of need.

Steven Parrish

Michael Sheehan

Project Leader - Regional Health Informatics Project - Hawkes Bay DHB
HiNZ experience: Member since 2016

I have a broad background in technology, business and health. Originally a technologist, I completed a Masters in Business, and have been working with a range of health not-for-profits and start-ups. Additionally, I have sat on the board of a cardiovascular medical device company, as an independent director, improving its prospects and overseeing its international sale. I have worked with the Ministry of Health, Douglas Pharmaceuticals and Spark New Zealand, amongst others, across a range of technology, data, governance, business and process challenges. I currently sit on the board of Hospice West Auckland and am managing the Regional Health Informatics Project for Hawkes Bay DHB, moving HBDHB on to a region wide clinical solution.


The interplay between the advancing of technology, data collection, business drivers and patient care is a finely balanced mix. This mix, underpinned through privacy and confidentiality, has the potential to be transformative for healthcare. Rapidly evolving, opportunities and transformative change is everywhere, though the focus on patient experience and outcomes is paramount. How can we protecting the patient experience and confidentiality while delivering the benefits of a rapidly evolving health care model is paramount.vital.? With no simple answer to the multiple and complex issues of complexity in this space, though I would like to believe think the application of my technical, business, health and governance experience can contribute, guide and inform the progress of Health Informatics New Zealand.

Michael Sheehan

Katherine Yeo

Associate Director of Nursing - Waikato DHB
HiNZ experience: Member since 2015

Kate completed her Registered Nurse training in the UK moving to NZ in 2004 after 11 year in Dallas Texas working in a large public hospital. Coming to the NZ health service was both familiar and very different. Since arriving in NZ, Kate completed a PG Dip in health service management that supported her understanding and belief in a sustainable health service meets the needs of the population; that change can only happens if those needing to change can align their values and purpose to what they are being asked to do; and any change should make things better for those most in need of support. As part of her Masters In Health Science Kate built on these learnings by investigating how different services, across the continuum of care, could partner to meet the needs of older people through joint professional development. This focus was built on a belief that no one service can meet the needs of the population.


In her current role, Kate has responsibility to support clinical staff to adopt technologies that will improve health outcomes, equity of access, and quality of care for the population thorough a variety or initiative. Some of these initiatives include; working with providers to ensure IT products are fit for use by all professional and care groups; partnering with community services, such as aged residential care, to introduce technology so care can be provided through a virtual medium. Developing opportunity for education and professional development to be provided across multiple locations to cross continuum providers, which in part develops the skill and confidence of all involved; work shop with staff to develop understanding of current ways of working and how to capitalise on new ways of working with the support or technology to increase capacity while improving their sense of control and job satisfaction.


To facilitate these activities Kate is a member of both district and regional groups that design and inform future developments. Kate feels she would bring both a health consumer and clinical user focused view to the board of HINZ to support its five key reasons for being, increase diversity and inclusion, develop and broadcast how to provided best practice care through technology, learning and professional development, the integration of technology into health care provision, and improved outcomes for the health consumer.

Kate Yeo

HiNZ, PO Box 300125, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

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