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Matt Darling - Keynote Speaker
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Next-Generation Systems: Individualising Care

IT has not benefitted Health as it has other sectors: why not? The answer has many facets, but next-generation systems are emerging and have shown that they are capable of reversing this paradigm and even taking to care to the next level - individualisation in real time.


Matt Darling
Founder and Chief Systems Architect

Matt is a serial inventor and the co-founder of SmartWard, a company whose mission is to improve patient safety and make things better for all stakeholders involved in care.

Matt has enjoyed a long and successful career in and around technology, working on a large range of commercial projects and being a Senior Adviser to Government. Matt found his passion when he saw first-hand the systemic problems of care in hospitals and since 2009 he has dedicated his life to solving some of them. “With the best will in the world, unfortunately IT has failed the healthcare sector, unable to deliver on the promise of improving safety and patient outcomes. We’ve taken a traditional IT systems approach to an extraordinarily complex and fluid problem. By focusing first on what’s most important, the individual, we might re-imagine how technology can be used to harvest amazing societal change.”

People often ask why Health spends so much money on IT systems (as distinct from medical devices) without seeing any benefit. The answer is that Health is unique insofar as 80% of contemporary clinical practice will change within 5 years and the pace of change is accelerating. Once you ‘codify’ clinical practices into an IT system it becomes a huge liability, needing constant maintenance which is often too costly, too risky or too distracting to implement. “A next generation approach is needed and that is what we have focused our efforts on for the past 7 years, bringing SmartWard to life.”

Matt’s work has spanned sectors as diverse as Cyber security, Safety-Critical Systems, Defence and now Health and encompasses new hardware as well as software solutions. Matt lives in Canberra, Australia and travels regularly to Europe and the US. His dream is to improve patient outcomes while making quality healthcare affordable by everybody as a legacy for his daughter, Jem.

Matt Darling

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