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HINZ 2011 - Presentations and Papers

photos and Videos

Video recordings of the plenary sessions and some presentations are now available on Vimeo.

Some photos are now available on Flickr.

To see the photos from a particular event, select one of the following:

Welcome Function - Thanksgiving Dinner - Award Presentations - Clinicians' Challenge Presentations -
Exhibition Hall - Conference Speakers

Copies of photos are available from Pix Ltd. Note down the file name under each photo and email your list.



Most presentations from the HINZ 2011 Conference are now available in Slideshare.

If you would like a copy of any of the presentations, please contact the author directly.



All papers in the Conference Proceedings are available for download below.

  P01 - Working Together to Work Smarter to Provide Health Informatics Education

  P02 - Factors influencing Health IT Policy in New Zealand: Evidence, Pragmatism, Money and the Policy Process

  P03 - Comprehensive Support for Self Management of Medications by a Networked Robot for the Elderly

  P04 - Procedural Error Identification in Ward-based Drug Dispensing via RFID

  P05 - Improving Safety and Quality by Integrating Paper-based and Electronic Systems to Better Manage Standard Operating Procedures in Community Pharmacy

  P06 - eTree – Better Access!

  P07 - A Novel Use of a Clinical System to Assist Emergency Teams to Support the Frail and Vulnerable Elderly after the Canterbury Earthquake

  P08 - Improving Nurses’ Electronic Access to Evidence to Inform Practice

  P09 - Mobile Patient Questionnaires – Implementation and Evaluation

  P10 - Electronic Maternity Facility Bookings

  P11 - Telemedicine: Rethinking Healthcare Roles for Smarter Care

  P12 - Telehealth Support for Patients with Long-term Conditions: Evaluation of a Rural Pilot

  P13 - Key Issues in Mobile Health

  P14 - Assessing the Return on Investment in Health IT: An Exploration of Costs and Benefits in Relation to the Remote Monitoring of Chronic Diseases

  P15 - Approach to Health Innovation Projects: Learnings from eReferrals

  P16 - Utilizing Allied Health Activity Data to Investigate Concordance/Discrepancy Between AHP Cost and DRG Payment

  P17 - A Clinician-led User Group Model to Enhance Development of an Electronic Maternity Record System

  P18 - The Omaha System Helps Find Meaning in Despair: Using the Omaha System to Document Disaster Recovery Efforts

  P19 - Identifying e-Learning Opportunities for a Pharmacist- led Healthcare Service: The Medication Use Review (MUR)

  P20 - The Rise and Rise of the Virtual Health Record

  P21 - CareConnect - Implementation of a Standards-based Solution

  P22 - Christchurch Earthquake 22 February and Its Impact on PHO Enrolment in the Canterbury DHB

  P23 - A Usability Perspective on Clinical Handover Improvement- CHIPS with Everything?

  P24 - Terminology for Well Child Services: Mapping Plunket terms to SNOMED CT

  P25 - Lessons Learnt from two Health Systems: Using Population Health Management Systems and Patient Portals

  P26 - A Framework for Health IT Evaluation

  P27 - An Approach to Active Procurement