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Speaker FAQ
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Frequently asked questions relevant to speakers

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Q. Can I claim the speaker discount AND a member discount?

No. You can only claim one discount per registration.


Q. Can I present using Apple Keynote?

Possibly. But there are conditions. To arrange this please email us.

Q. Is there a PowerPoint template I need to use?

There isn't a specific PowerPoint template you have to use. However, you will find some other AV instructions are on the oral presentation guidelines page.


Q. What is a webcast?

A webcast shows a small video of the speaker and simultaneously displays the relevant slides as you talk. If you wish to see what a webcast looks like please click here. It enables delegates to view your presentaton from their computer or mobile device. This is popular with delegates (as they can't be in two streams at once), and with our virtual audience who aren't physically at the event ie. some people who wish to attend HiNZ are unable to get leave or CPD funding. For them, a 'virtual registration' is a cost effective way to learn about the latest in digital health. Only conference delegates, virtual delegates and HiNZ members will have permission to view the webcast library and your slides/video can't be downloaded by viewers.


Q. I need to get funding/leave approval before I can confirm acceptance of my speaking slot and/or register - but this will be after the stated deadline. 

If you tell us before the SuperSaver deadline of 18 August we will put you on our 'provisional acceptance' list and hold a speaking slot open for you at the low 'supersaver' registration rate. To request this please email us.


Q. Can I change my speaking time?

Possibly, if we can get someone else to swap with you. To request a time change please email Kim.


Q. Can HiNZ help me with a visa?

HiNZ is able to give you a form letter that states the date/time of your speaking slot that you can submit with your visa application. To request this please email us.


Q. When are the poster presentations?

The facilitated poster presentation for the HiNZ Conference are on Thursday 2 November in the afternoon, and the HiNZ Best Poster Award will be announced at the Awards Lunch on Friday 3 November.


Q. Where does my bio and photo get published? And what format does it need to be?

Your speaker bio and photo will be published online within the conference app. Delegates will see your bio and photo when they click on your speaker name in the conference programme within the app. There is no word limit on the bio. The photo can be a JPG or PNG file and we are able to crop it for you if necessary.


Q. Where do my slides, video and abstract get published?

Your submission abstract will be published within the online conference proceedings and within the information search service on the HiNZ website. Your submission abstract will be accessible to anyone. Your presentation slides and video will be published on member-only pages within the HiNZ website, and are accessible only by HiNZ members or Conference delegates. The webcast library slides/video can't be downloaded.


Q. Can I get a copy of my videoed presentation?

Yes, speakers are able to get a copy of the video file of their own presentation, on request after the conference. To request this please email us.


Q. Do poster authors get to speak?

Yes. You will get 3 minutes to talk about your poster during a facilitated conference session on Thursday 2 November.

HiNZ, PO Box 300125, Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand.

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