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Clinicians Challenge FAQ
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Frequently asked questions (relevant to entrants in the clinicians challenge) will be posted here.

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Q. Can I upload images or graphs to illustrate my entry?

A. You can't put images or graphs into the online entry text boxes, but you can upload a supplementary document with this information if you wish. Please keep this upload document brief. The judges are not obligated to read long appendices. Your key information should be in the entry form text boxes.


Q. Is there a word limit?

A. Yes, there is a 1100 word limit on the text entry form, which includes the 100 word executive summary.


Q. Do I have to include references?

A. These are not essential. If you feel it is necessary then you could include references in an uploaded document if you wish (putting them in your text boxes will use up your word count).


Q. Can I add more team members after I have already submitted my entry?

A. You can add up to six team members (''co-authors'' on the entry form) when you first enter. But if you wish to add additional authors AFTER you have already submitted the entry then you will need to submit a new entry. Let us know and we will delete your original entry so you don't have two duplicate entries in the system.


Q. Does it have to be a clinician who is the entrant?

A. Yes. Non-clinicians can be part of the wider project team and mentioned within the entry documentation, but it needs to be an NZ based clinician (nurse, doctor, allied health) who is named as the corresponding entrant, who can collect any prize on behalf of the team.  


Q. What happens with ownership and intellectual property?

A. The challenge isn't like a business incubator. Neither the Ministry nor HiNZ gets involved in any ownership and intellectual property discussions. The grant is purely for you to use to help you further your development and/or do research/training to support your project. It is up to you, how you choose to fund / set up an ongoing business model, if one is required.


Got another question? Email us.

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